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Glossary and acronyms with LaTeX

My template to create glossaries in LaTeX with a description and an associated acronym.  I substitute every term "EEE" by the new glossary term and the term "Expanded" by the expanded version (e.g. EEE -> NYC, Expanded -> New York City).

%%% define the acronym and use the %see= option
  first={\glsentrydesc{EEE} (EEE)\glsadd{EEEg}},
  firstplural={\glsentrydescplural{EEE} (\glsentryplural{EEE})\glsadd{EEEg}},

  description={TODO: description}
Be careful with the plural of the terms, as in this template it only adds an 's' at the end of the description and acronym, in special cases just modify the fields accordingly.

I store all the glossary terms in a file named glossary.tex in a separated folder 00_frontmatter
You need to load the package glossaries at the beginning of the file. I added some options for the table of contents and something else.
Then, I add this lines in the preamble of the file (before the \begin{document})

Inside the document where I want to print the acronyms:

 Finally, at the end of the document I print the glossary with:

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